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1. Create an Advert

1.1 Sign up to click on POST A NEW ADVERT
1.2 Set up your advert with adequate and attractive information about your product or service.
1.3 Do not forget to give your preferred and reliable contact details.
1.4 Pay just £1 per month or £10 per year for your advert (featured adverts may have variable costs )
1.5 This will take your product or service to the global audience.

2. Communicate and Complete

2.1 Get notified when you get an order and use our system or your contacts to discuss details with customer
2.2 Be honest, discuss precise and deliver your product or service in a great and professional manner.
2.3 Get paid as per your mutual agreements.

3. Find a product or service

3.1 Sign up or visit
3.2 You got three (3) methods to find the product or service you are looking for

a) Type what you are searching in search box of the website.
b) Click on a MENU “All Posted Products & Services” or “All Categories” and follow through.
c) Check the location of the seller / service provider as you got access to the world wide market.

3.3 If you need help please contact us by email to
3.4 Be honest, discuss precise and get your product or service delivered in a great and friendly manner.
3.5 Please pay your seller/service provider on time as per your mutual agreements.

If you have any questions or concerns about our website Privacy Policy or Terms of Use, please feel free to Contact us in writing to
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