Level: (Medical) Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
Venue: Sutton Coldfield, ICAM Training Centre
Duration: 2 days 9am to 6pm intensive hands-on training course.
Delegates: Max. 6
Refreshments provided: Please email: about your any food allergies or dietary requirements.
CPD: Yes
Level: Medical Intermediate, Advanced, Expert.
Trainer: Dr. Madhura P Manawickrama (Medical Director MPM Aesthetic Medicals Clinics )
Eligibility Criteria:
This is an escalated course for experienced senior medical professionals/ specialists.
UK delegates must have a valid GMC/GDC/NMC Registration Number.
International Delegates must have an equivalent qualification from their respective country of registration.
Please email a copy educational /Professional certificate to

Advanced course “injectables” is for experienced senior healthcare professionals/specialist who wish to practice aesthetic Medical full time or part-time OR a refresher training for practicing clinicians to learn the latest advanced techniques in injectables.
Our courses are constantly updated as the industry evolves.
This Foundation to advanced course will give a brief and updates about Aesthetic Medicine as a science, specialty, and industry.
Then continue with relevant facial Anatomy, other basic sciences to refresh knowledge related to the subject.
Due to small group size, delegates get opportunities to ask questions, close observation of demonstration of treatments and closely supervised practice.
Due to added manikin training to usual live models provided, delegates get the opportunity to make their hand-skills their “second-nature”.
At this advanced course, we focus training on how to use toxins fillers to successfully perform following 32 procedures.


Foundation Toxins Procedures
1) Glabella – Frown lines
2) Forehead Lines – Frontalis muscle
3) Crows Feet

Foundation Dermal Fillers Procedures
4)Nasolabial folds
5)Cheek enhancement (basics techniques)
6)Marionette Lines
7)Lip Augmentation (basic techniques)

Advanced Toxins Procedures
8)Bunny Nose
9)Brow Lift
10)Gummy smile
11)Smoker’s Lines
12)Bruxism(For facial slimming and teeth Grinding)
13)Downturned mouth (DAO)
14)Cobbled Chin
15)Hyperhydrosis(underarm excessive sweating)
16)Platysma Bands (Nefertiti Neck lift/ Turkey Neck lift)

Advanced Dermal Fillers Procedures
17)Hands treatment
18)smokers lines
19)Cheek enhancement (canula use)
20)Lip lines
21)Philtrum lift

Procedures From Masterclass
22)Elevation of Nasal Tip Toxins & Fillers
23)Neck Enhancement Toxins & Fillers
24)Wide Nostrils /Flared Nose Treatment (Toxins)
25)Mobile Nose (Toxins)
26)Jaw line Enhancement (Toxins & Dermal fillers)
27)Three Point cheek Enhancement and Naso-labial fold reduction (liquid facelift)
28)Liquid eyebrow lift
29)Mesotherapy techniques
30)Fine wrinkles treatment techniques (Botox and fillers)
31)Lip augmentation advanced
32)Use of Hyaluronidase injections and other dermal filler and toxins reversal methods.

The Training course will teach analysis of patient’s face,neck and expectations,then to customize treatments accordingly as per each and every client-patient you get.
Delegates learn Indications, achievable best outcome, limitations, and complications of toxins and dermal fillers.
The course will cover legal implications, setting up a practice, business management, basic life support and problem solving skills too.

This is a fully supervised training course with models and manikins provided.
Following successful completion of training Delegates will be awarded ICAM TWO TRAINING CERTIFICATES for Successful Completion of Foundation and Advanced course of toxins and dermal fillers.
Trainer: Dr.Madhura P Manawickrama
Course Materials: Full PDF version of course manual will be emailed following Full Payment of course fee and Booking confirmation. Brief Printed version of Course material will be provided on the day for delegates to take home.
Recommendations: Masterclasses for Tear Troughs treatments, Liquid Rhinoplasty, Advanced Lip enhancement ,Profhilo

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