be a model

Being a model

Being a model at ICAM training give you great benefits.

* Opportunity to try treatments you like for a very low price.
* Opportunity to learn a lot about treatments as we explain to the delegates while training. 
* Opportunity to gain more information that you may find very useful.
* ICAM use recommended best products and latest technologies available at the time of training.
* All the procedures will be performed by medical qualified professionals under supervision of expert trainers.
* Our usual trainees are Specialists , Doctors , Dentist ,Nurses who are already experienced in health care services.
* Models will be informed who will be for training before they book the day and session.
* ICAM maintain International standards in all countries of training.
* Opportunities for regular treatments for you and your friends with Minimal prices.
Contact us with your need of treatment with a current photo attached via email to
OR to fill the Contact form below.

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